1. Management of orangutanrainforest.COM
        Name : Moh Nurhariyanto
        Ocupation :

      • Tour organizer
      • Tour Guide Of Taman National Tanjung Puting
      • Worked on Cruise ship
      • Travelled arround The World with cruise ship.
      • Orangutanrainforest.com supported by certification:
      • Ecotourism guide
      • Floating hotel sevice
      • Public health and sanitation
      • International cruise ship culinary program
      • Norovirus
      • Hosting passenger with disabilities
      • Risk assesment
      • Lifting carrying & moving safely
      • Code of business conduct & ethics
      • Basic safety training

Our Boats Or Klotoks is traditional wooden as one of transportation in kalimantan and tanjung puting we have disigned for tourists.
We have crews on boat they are captain, asistan captain, cook and guide. They are friendly and helpfull.
Sleeping on the boat during your trip in tanjung puting is the best way and you will get wonderfull experiences. Sleeping at the open air and hearing the jungle sounds.

    1.  orangutanrainforest.COM Responsibility

orangutanrainforest.COM have Comitment to sustaining the rainforest, save the water and environment to develop environmental awarness and educate our employee, local supliers and clients.
To reduce the environmental impact of the activities by conserving energy, limiting pollution and encourage understanding and respect for the costums and culturer of local people and their wild life.