Welcome to OrangutanRainForest.com ! A nation with thousand islands consisting of more than 17,000 islands which is designated in the South East Asian Archipelagoes. It is the world’s largest archipelagic nation, a cultural tapestry as a diverse, endemic wildlife conservatory, vast virgin tropical rainforests and bounty islands with pearly white beaches, delicious foods, fruits and traditional crafts of its indigenous social life. Deep, dark and exotic, the very notion of Borneo rouses something in the subconcious. Summoning visions of mythical people and ancient forests as one picturesque of every people whom are interested with its secrets and every bits of taste in adventure. It is a romantic notion which has been managed to keep come to her secrets and most of them lies in the interior of its island as one big communal and expanding region in Indonesia.

Visit Kalimantan to see the beautiful balance between the wildlife, the landscapes and cultures. Experience Dayak cultures, Orangutan and their habitat with us. Orangutans are our closest living relatives sharing 97% of our DNA, Intelligent, puckish and tricky. Come and see the only great red apes found in Asia. They can be found only in the two islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Tanjung Puting National Park is located in the Central West of Kalimantan. It is the last home for Ex-captive and wild orangutans in Borneo. We would be glad to share our knowledge to make your visit with Orangutan Rain Forest will be unforgettable memory.


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